Multi-Room Audio Systems

With a multi-room or whole house audio system, everyone can have what they want at the same time! You'll each be able to play, skip, or change channels to your heart's content without impacting the listening experience of your family members. Maddox Audio Video Design will work with you to get a complete picture of your lifestyle and then install the technology. We will make your home even more enjoyable for every member of your family.

Automated Lighting & Climate Control

Personalize your living spaces with the perfect heating and air conditioning system controls while saving money on energy bills. Smart lighting allows you to control the settings for your lights so that they will go on at certain times of the day or night, to accommodate your energy needs. You'll never worry about leaving the lights on with our programmable features. Many of these features are also adjustable with the touch of a button.

Home Networking & Integration

Today's homes in Annapolis, MD are designed to entertain, be more productive, and allow you to work remotely. Often though, the home network or cell phone reception needs a boost to meet the demands of the residents. Maddox AV can analyze and improve your WiFi signal, network capabilities, cell phone reception, and more. Call today to learn what we can do for you.


We understand that homeowners in Annapolis, MD want the latest technology incorporated into their homes for comfort, convenience, entertainment, and safety. We work to understand each clients' unique needs and recommend the products and applications that will best meet those needs. We work with most major manufacturers and our turnkey installations provide clients with a seamless integration of technology and ease of use.


Take a moment to view pictures of some of our recently completed home automation systems and multi-room audio systems. Whether you have a small room makeover in mind, or a whole house design and installation, we will complete the project to your specifications. Contact Maddox Audio Video Design to design your dream.

Services Offered

Maddox Audio Video Design is a full-service provider of home theatre systems, multi-room audio systems, automated lighting and climate control, home networking and integration, and surveillance and remote monitoring in Anne Arundel County. Call today to discuss which services and options are right for you.

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Please contact Maddox Audio Video Design in Anne Arundel County today to speak with a member of our home automation design team. Your satisfaction is our goal. We look forward to designing the smart home system of your dreams.